Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Woodland Fairy - Editorial work - Illustrated photographs - Cotehele Cornwall

It is so refreshing to do something different and creative!
I collaborated with the wonderfully talented Illustrator Jenny Cooper to create something unique for Pebble Magazine. We came up with the idea to create some Woodland Fairy photographs by incorporating illustration. We photographed in Cotehele, a National Trust woodland in Cornwall with the lovely model Rachel Buxton. It was a perfect place for capturing a magical atmosphere with the mixture of backdrops it had to offer. Having an illustrator draw over my images was something new for me so it was quite hard to think about how to shoot the right compositions and get the correct lighting. 

I absolutely love what Jenny has created with my photos, she has done an amazing job and adding illustrations to them is something I have now fallen completely in love with, so Jenny and I hope to do more in the not to distant future when we both have some free time! 

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