Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Filming in Dubai

2 weeks ago I was on a plane on my way to Dubai!
I spent a week as a Camera Operator in one of the most incredible cities in the World, working at a large technology event called Gitex, which was located at The World Trade Centre.  I was part of a production team for Gitex TV which was broadcasted over 50+ screens across the event as well as on the events website. I was the sole Camera Operator for Gitex TV which involved filming interviews with Executives from companies such as, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, etc. We had a tight schedule, lots of filming and lots of carrying heavy kit around the event. It was the biggest responsibility I've been given and a great experience. I really learnt a lot about filming especially how to compose an interview well!
Here is one of the 'daily highlights' I filmed.

So I couldn't of been in one of the coolest places on Earth without getting some photos! So here is a document of my trip.
In 1991, Dubai had just one tall building and it was at the edge of the desert. Now they have over 400 high rises!