Thursday, 7 March 2013

Short Drama Film

On my Tv Production degree we are put into production teams to create a selection of different films over the 3 years. In December we were set a brief to do a 8 minute drama, which had to included a journey. We colaborated with a Scriptwriter over christmas and got a great script. The story is about
relationship of a young boy and his father, which is reflected in their journey to the school. Not giving much interest to his son, Bryan expects the worst from him, however, since the boy has a new father figure in his family, he has become an exemplary behaviour student.

We shot for two days on several locations in the Bournemouth area. I took the role of camera operator, and decided to shoot it on my Canon DSLR. We also used a dolly and jib to get some creative, moving shots. I am happy with the outcome and have learnt from mistakes that occured in the pre-proudction and production of the film. 

Lapse from Charlotte Dart on Vimeo.