Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Portraits - Jenni - Kit Hill Cornwall

A while back I photographed the very talented Jenni Ball, also known as singer Jenni Anne.
I vaguely knew Jenni from going to the same school and from following her on Instagram. Jenni caught my eye, not only because of her beauty in front of the lens but also her love and talent in music, art and photography.

It was a very chilly wintery day so I of course suggested we should go to the most exposed and rural place in our local area, Kit Hill! It may have been a mistake as it was FREEZING, but if you catch Kit Hill on a good clear day it is the perfect place for photography. You can find giant boulders, mining architecture, a water filled quarry, areas of flat green grass and moorland...you can get very creative up there, plus it is great place to walk and there are of course always lots of dogs to stroke!

When on Kit Hill I stuck to my 50mm Lens to get some fab shallow depth of field (blurred background) images. Since buying my 24-105mm lens I have been neglecting my 50mm which is such a shame as it has to be the best lens I or anyone could buy! I must admit I did sneak back on to my 24-105mm for the studio shots.

Once I finally relieved Jenni from the cold (I am sorry Jenni!) we went back to my home where I constructed my pop-studio. It is a simple setup with a light and flashgun, it works great!

Take a look at my favourite snaps from the day...

Also don't forget to check out Jenni's SoundCloud music here - https://soundcloud.com/ajenniferball

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