Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My summer as a Camera Operator

Hello! It has been a while.

The summer has now come to end and my final year at University has well and truly started.
So what have I been up to? This summer i got the opportunity to do some freelance work as a camera operator, for a company which provide large LED screens at events. My job involved filming at the events and my footage was streamed live to the big screens. It was a great experience and I was able to learn a lot in the process. Filming live on location was a totally different experience for me given that I am usually filming in a studio at university. It involved a different set of challenges for me because as everything was live there can be no mistakes.
I ended up working at some great events, the highlights being an Olly Mur's concert and The Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. I hope to have more opportunities freelancing for this company in the future as I get on well with all the team and enjoy what I do.