Sunday, 17 March 2013

Circus Documentary

Here it finally is.... for the last month and a half my production group and I have been working hard in planning, filming and editing our latest Documentary. I took the Directors role, so have had endless late nights working on it, but been a great experience!

It is a short Documentary about a Touring Circus in the UK, John Lawson's Circus. We spent a few days with them filming their everyday routines, from the strenuous task of putting up the tent to them in costumes, performing. I wanted to create a story looking behind the scenes of a circus, finding out what life is really like behind the sequins and the struggles they face. 

Me interviewing the Ring Master - Attila. 

Filming Clumbsy the Clown showing off his clown costume.

Me, Alex, Niels - Chilly crew!

So please spare 8 minutes to be transported into the Circus world!

Under the Big Top - Documentary from Charlotte Dart on Vimeo.