Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Recipe video

From browsing on Vimeo I came across a very artistic recipe video by Tiger In a Jar. In the most recent issue of Pebble, Briana Millett baked a Parsnip Cake. (click here for a read) I took this opportunity to make my own video in the style of Tiger in a Jar for the Pebble zine's blog.

I shot this video on my Canon 600D using my 50mm Lens. I shot at 50fps so that slowing down any footage in post would look better. I tried to be creative with each ingredient to keep it interesting and artistic. The shoot only took about 3hours in total. I edited using Final Cut Pro, changing the speed, duration, and colour grading of each shot. What I loved the most about the edit is that I was able to include film burns for some artistic looking transitions. I have a great love for film burns and have been meaning to use them for a while. I watched a tutorial and found free downloads that worked wonderfully HERE. I really enjoy allowing myself be creative with this short film. I hope that I will be asked to do another recipe in the next issue of Pebble in 2 months.