Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My GPS Mapping Adventure!

This video was made for my Media Theory option, 'Media as Material', for university. We had to produce a practice lead essay, meaning I had to do reasearch around an idea and then present it in a visual, physical form.
I took Guy Debord's idea of ‘Psychogeography’, and a Dérive, (translated into English as ‘Drift’). He talks about how a humans feelings and behaviour are effected in difference ways when walking around a city. I took the idea and the concept of using music as escapism. All in all, I create a GPS Mapping system that lead me on a journey. I recorded my feelings and behaviour throughout the journey, and produced it into this film. The idea was for it to reflect my ideas therefore production isn't a priority, hense the shakey hand-held shoots and poor angles!